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Recurring Revenue

Automate low-dollar, high-volume renewal quotes. Capture revenue you’re leaving on the table.

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Automate Low Dollar Sales

Cisco AutoQuote® was designed specifically to address the gaps in your high-volume, low-dollar annuity sales business, making it easy for internal and external sales teams to take action and reduce the time and cost of sale.

The AutoQuote® Campaign Engine boosts recurring revenue by automating complex low-dollar sales processes, and delivering white glove, branded quotes to customers – at the right time and with the right offers to quickly close the sale.


Cisco Impact has delivered


to Ingram Micro’s reseller partners.

Straightforward, automated recurring revenue generation.
One campaign is all it takes to realize the Cisco Impact Advantage.
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Grow Customer Satisfaction and Conversion Rates

Engaging in smarter, more effective conversations with your customers — and predicting and prescripting what they should buy next — are the keys to customer experience and retention today. The AutoQuote® Campaign Engine, powered by Data Intelligence and automation, delivers these powerful capabilities to you and your sales force.

With AutoQuote, as service expirations approach, partners can send automatically generated, ready-to-book quotes with customized pricing to their customers. Custom communication templates include instant “Buy Now” functionality to boost your conversion rate.


“Thousands of Ingram Micro channel partners use the AutoQuote solution to put their service contract sales programs on ‘auto-pilot’ and boost revenue and profits. The solution offers a convenient way for our partners to leverage big data and turn maintenance contracts into an important ongoing revenue generator for their businesses.”


– Peter Gambino, Executive Director, Advanced Technology Division and Cisco Business Unit, Ingram Micro

AutoQuote® Campaign Engine Features

  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon1Customer Data Integration
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon2Customized Campaign Business Rules
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon3Accurate and Automated Quote Creation
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon4White-Labeled Campaign Emails – Maintain Your Brand With Your Logo, Contact Details and More
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon5Customizable Messaging and Branding
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon6Integrated, Personalized Real-Time Customer Pricing
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon7Seamless Integration With Pricing and Availability Systems
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon9Simultaneous Quote Delivery to Partners and End Customers
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon10Currency Conversion and Language Translation