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Turn incomplete or inaccurate data into actionable intelligence and find new opportunities to grow recurring revenue.

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Transform Fragmented Data
Into A Complete Picture.

Cisco Impact makes Recurring Revenue Management easy by aggregating customer data from multiple sources to create a complete and accurate picture of your customers. Up and down your sales channel, you can achieve the big picture view of your recurring revenue opportunity.



“Our data-driven automated approach we took with the platform helped our resellers drive recurring service revenue to grow their business and we collectively achieved over 100% increase in what we call low-dollar service renewals.

What was once a missing link in the supply chain that left end-customers vulnerable with their valuable IT assets unprotected by service contracts, has now become a multi-million dollar streamlined sales machine for Ingram Micro and its reseller partners.”


–Paul Bay, Executive VP and President, North America, Technology Solutions – Ingram Micro


Accelerate Actionable Opportunity

Over half of all data is wasted due to it being siloed, inaccurate, outdated, or just plain missing, and the half that can be utilized is spread between systems, software, and databases.

With Cisco Impact’s data enrichment and visualization tools, your fragmented data transforms from 50% actionable to 90% actionable.

The whole of your data landscape is synced into a single master record that updates in real time in the cloud.

Discover how Cisco Impact’s
DATA INTELLIGENCE SERVICES uncovered new sales opportunities for Schneider Electric and drove a 72% increase in warranty extension sales.

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Data Security

Secure information management and delivery is our highest priority. To achieve this, Cisco Impact employs a robust security management framework that determines policies, procedures and guidelines for how we work with your sensitive business information.

Firewalls and Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
We employ firewalls to provide deep inspection of network traffic helping to ensure that more sophisticated attackers cannot exploit inherent protocol weakness. To augment the firewalls, Cisco Impact employs a state of the art intrusion detection system to detect and prevent attacks, malicious activities or policy violation.
Database Security (VLAN)
Each client is serviced by one or more discrete databases that are exclusive to the client.
Session Security
As an application service provider, all access to Cisco Impact occurs over the Internet. To ensure the confidentiality of partner data, Cisco Impact uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt communications between a user’s browser and the Cisco Impact application.
Secure Data Transfer
Cisco Impact receives data feeds over Secure File Transfer (SFTP) protocols. These protocols use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to secure the transmission of data to Cisco Impact. AES was approved by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the standard for encrypting sensitive government information.
We are committed to working effectively with your IT departments to assure security compliance and effective information exchange. Please contact us for more information about our platform framework, and the role security plays in our solution.


  • Data Mining & Discovery: Perform a host of data mining exercises to repair and discover new revenue opportunities
  • Normalization & Data Cleansing: Common data structure, map relevant fields, and execute comprehensive data cleansing and data enrichment services
  • Data Aggregation: Collect and aggregate multiple data sources of maintenance information regardless of location and format
  • Integration & Customization: Deliver actionable data intelligence to the business leaders who need it via their internal systems (CRM, ERP, asset management, legacy, and others)
  • Reporting & Analytics: Complete system analytics, ready-made reports and fully customizable views into your service business.

Cisco Impact is a flexible recurring revenue solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing technology and marketing investments.

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Put Your Data to Work


AutoQuote® Campaign Engine


Cisco Impact’s automated quote creation engine ensures that all recurring revenue opportunities – no matter how small – can be pursued quickly, efficiently and at a low sales cost and with your brand intact.

This enables you to take command of your overall sales strategy, and your sales teams to spend more face-to-face time on valuable high-dollar opportunities, all while achieving higher sales conversion rates.



Recurring Revenue Management


Cisco Impact’s visibility and reporting tools empower your sales ecosystem to drive top and bottom-line recurring revenue through superior technology and enhanced, real-time customer data.

You get a commanding 360º view of product and customer life cycles and a streamlined sales process that helps close more sales faster.