Take Command Of Your Recurring Revenue Landscape

Cisco Impact unifies customer data to deliver invaluable sales intelligence, automate the sales process and accelerate low-dollar/high-volume recurring revenue.

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Putting The Power of Intelligent Data To Work

With Cisco Impact, recurring revenue success is fueled by data — data that is accurate, real time, and complete. Using data aggregation, data cleansing, and data exchange, the Cisco Impact platform can bring together data from your internal or external data systems, including entitlement, POS, ERP, CRM, and legacy systems. Leveraging innovative Data Intelligence, Cisco Impact then integrates and shapes this information into a powerful business intelligence engine, which allows you to deliver the offers that your customers want, when they want them — and in a way that is optimized for their stage in the lifecycle journey.


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Visibility And Opportunity Management

Cisco Impact establishes a single, secure source for product information and Customer Lifecycle Management. The platform takes your enriched customer data and presents a strategic view of your recurring revenue business – calling out opportunities as they approach. With Cisco Impact you empower channel partners with the information they need to grow customer lifetime value and sell to their customers more effectively and efficiently.


“By providing quick, convenient and accurate information, the platform has the potential to revolutionize the way that Cisco partners do Cisco SMARTnet business. It enables them to be more responsive, streamline processes, save time and win more business.”


–David Harvey, European Director of Cisco, Azlan, Tech Data

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Cisco Impact ensures your sales ecosystem have the information necessary to transform reactive sales practices into proactive customer experiences, and the insight to optimize recurring revenue management specific to your needs.

Our performance reporting KPI’s will provide insight into your subscription-based and services business regardless of how many sales teams or end customers are involved, expose additional sales opportunities to enable further sales growth, and provide predictive and prescriptive analysis of your overall sales process.





Cisco Impact Features

  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon4Branded, Client-facing Cloud Platform
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon1Dynamic, Real-Time Data Environment
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon3Complete Cloud Security
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon4Quote Creation and Order Management
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon5Multi-Level User Access – Channel Delivery Model (Role-Based Access Control)
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon6Inventory Management
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon1Opportunity Management
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon8Advanced Contact Management
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon9Advanced Reporting and Analytics Tools
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon10Event Triggered Auto-Notifications
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon3Customized Quote and Order Business Rules
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon10Language Translation & Currency Conversion

  • Solutions-Sec1-icon6Real-time Performance Reporting
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon14Simple Intuitive Interface
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon15Customizable KPI Dashboards
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon16Global View of Product/Service Activity