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Authentic Storytelling Video Series

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Authentic Storytelling Video Series

Storytelling is deeply rooted in human history. Although it is an ancient tradition, its value hasn’t diminished over time. In fact, today storytelling has become a powerful business tool. It can enable you to rise above the competition.

Once Upon a Time with Debbie McClure
“There is power in storytelling.”
Learn how to evoke emotion from stories, and how best to connect with your audience. Hear Debbie talk about how to bring your authentic self and relate to people on a personal level through storytelling.

Once Upon a Time with Sylvain Tremblay
“Seize the moment, and be yourself.”
Learn why a story has to be relevant and how to engage your audience through personal storytelling. Hear Sylvain talk about how to make your stories memorable and leave an impact on your audience.